Advanced Controls for Organisers

Looking to take control of your football match setups? Football Matcher's latest features are here to help. Tailored for maximum flexibility and control, these tools are a game-changer in match organisation. Let's dive into how they can revolutionise your match management.

Game Confirmation Settings

On automatic mode, once your game's got enough players, our system cleverly schedules a confirmation email to pop into everyone's inbox at the time you set in "game confirmation Email time". This email let's them know the game is going ahead and is a good nudge to boost attendance. Not only, this - you get a WhatsApp message with the full player list automatically sent to you for you to share with your group. It helps keep your players in the loop and let them know the game is going ahead without you having to lift a finger. By default - this is manual.

Benefits of auto setting:

  • Right on Time: Emails are sent exactly when you want them, keeping your plans running smoothly.
  • Less effort: Forget the hassle of sending out those confirmations yourself.


Give this a go for stress-free match organising. Pick a time that works for your team – 24 hours is pretty good.

Pro Tip 🔔: Choose a minimum player count that makes sense for your games. It's all about getting the balance right, so the system works like a charm for you. Remember you can manage refunds policies in the Refund Policy section so you no longer have to set as high a minimum.

Game Confirmation Email Time

If you select auto above - you'll then be given the option to pick the time the confirmation email should be sent out.


  • Timing Made Easy: Pick the perfect time for your confirmation emails, and we'll make sure they're sent out then.
  • Keeps Everyone Updated: Your team gets the info they need when they need it, no more, no less.
  • Streamlines Your Task List: Less time sending emails means more time for everything else.


A good starting point is setting the email to go out 24 hours before the game. But every team is different – maybe yours prefers a bit more notice, or perhaps a shorter heads-up works better. Adjust the timing to find your sweet spot.

Waiting List Settings:

Our Waiting List Settings give you two distinct options to manage player entries: 'Pay to Join' and 'Pay after Joining'. With 'Pay to Join', players put down a deposit for their spot. This not only helps in covering your pitch costs but also benefits the players. If a spot opens up, they automatically secure it without the risk of missing out. The deposit is only utilszed if they get to play; otherwise, it's cancelled. On the other hand, 'Pay after Joining' allows players to join the waiting list without any upfront payment, providing them with the flexibility to pay only when confirmed to play.


  • 'Pay to Join': Assures players they won’t miss out on thier spot and give you extra knowledge that you'll have the numbers and get pitch costs back.
  • 'Pay after Joining': Gives players more control over their commitment, suitable for those who prefer a less binding approach.


'Pay to Join' is ideal for in-demand games. It's also great for ensuring your financials are in order. For more laid-back games, 'Pay after Joining' is a relaxed alternative, giving players the freedom to decide later.

If you picked "pay after joining." you have control of 2 more settings "Accelerated Waiting List" and "Accelerated Waiting List Window". This is because in "pay after joining" players need to confirm their space instead of it being given to them automatically.

Waiting List Clearance Time

Here's a feature that's all about avoiding last-minute surprises. Set a time before the game – say, 4 hours – after which no new players are automatically added from the waiting list to the game. Players can still join manually - but this prevents someone being thrown in last minute.


  • No Surprises for players: Avoids the rush of last-minute player additions.


A good rule of thumb is setting the clearance time around 4 hours before the game. This gives you a nice cushion to finalise your lineup and give players enough notice to still join.

Start Accelerated Waiting List:

As game day nears, quick RSVP's are vital, and that's where the Start Accelerated Waiting List feature comes in handy. This setting allows you to speed up the response time for players on the waiting list. It’s about ensuring your team slots are filled quickly and efficiently, especially as the countdown to kickoff begins.

*Please not that these setting are only available if you selected to pay after joining in the "Waiting List Settings".


  • Fast Player Confirmation: Encourages quick decisions, filling up your team faster.
  • Adapts to Last-Minute Dynamics: Tailor-made for those moments when you need to get your team sorted pronto.
  • Complete Rosters: With quicker responses, you’re less likely to have no-shows or unfilled spots.


Activating this feature about 24 hours before the match can be very effective.

Accelerated Waiting List Window

Once you've activated the accelerated waiting list, this feature allows you to set a specific timeframe, in minutes, for players to confirm their spot. It's about creating a sense of urgency and ensuring that players respond promptly, helping you complete your team without any last-minute gaps.


  • Quick Decisions by Players: Prompts players to confirm their attendance swiftly.
  • Game Day Readiness: Increases the likelihood of having a full team ready to play.


A response window of around 15-30 minutes usually works well. It’s quick enough to keep things moving at a brisk pace but gives players a fair chance to respond. Remember these only kick in after the accelerated waiting list period. Before this the player has unlimited time to confirm their place.

Priority Invite Window

Did you know you can give players priority invites? If not - head other to the members tab of your group page.  With the "Priority Invite Window", you can now set a time for how long your regulars have to RSVP before their spot opens up.


Try setting this window to about 24 hours. This gives your regulars enough time to respond, balancing appreciation with efficient planning. Adjust this based on what works best for your group.

Remember, these features are here to simplify your life and enhance the enjoyment of the game for everyone. Whether it’s fine-tuning player commitments or ensuring financial security, Football Matcher is your partner in creating successful, hassle-free football matches. So go ahead, give these new tools a spin, and see how they transform your next match day into an absolute breeze!